Motorcycle trailers

Choose an EDUARD Multitransporter as a motorcycle trailer

EDUARD multitransporters are increasingly being used as motorbike trailers. By installing a motorcycle stand, you can quickly turn your Eduard multitransporters into a motorcycle trailer.

An important reason for the success is that one can continue to use the pendant for other purposes in home and garden. Our extensive range offers many different possibilities.

Motortransporter - Dimensions and weight

Motorcycle transporter - Dimensions and weight

Size\Weight 750 1000 1350 1500 2000 2500 2700 3000 3500
256x150 1/2 1 1 1 2 2 2    
310x160 1/2 1 1 1 2 2 2 2  
506x200         2 2 2 2 2/3


Multi-transporters are available in various sizes up to 6.0 meters. Click here for all dimensions.

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750-3500 kg
750-3500 kg
256x150 - 606x220 cm
256x150 - 606x220 cm
1800+ Modellen
1800+ Models

Why an EDUARD Multitransporter as a motorcycletrailer?

All EDUARD multitransporters can be converted to motorcycle trailers. You can choose the dimensions that you need for your motorcycles. Depending on the size, weight and number of motorcycles you can choose the right size.

For the transport of one motorcycle an unbraked trailer with the dimensions 260 x 156 cm is often enough. Trailers with the dimensions 310 x 160 cm are often used for the transport of two motorcycles. If you want to transport up to 6 motorcycles at the same time, a trailer measuring 506 x 220 cm could be the right trailer.

A storage compartment for ramps can be found under the loading floor. This way the ramps quickly at hand and safely stowed away while driving.

For dimensions starting at 310x160 cm, you can choose aluminium ramps instead of steel as an option for more ease of use.

Alles op een rij motortransporter

All advantages at a glance

  • 1 | Galvanized chassis with many securing points
  • 2 | Easy to maintain - one-piece floorplate
  • 3 | Robust - A-brand braking system and axles
  • 4 | Practical - foldable and removable side walls
  • 5 | Multifunctional - ramps stored in the chassis
  • 6 | Clearly visible - reflecting tape with ECE quality mark

What is a multitransporter?

A multitransporter is a flatbed trailer with ramps for the transportion of vehicles. Multitransporters are often used for the transport of small vehicles such as motorcycles or quads.

How does your multitransporter become a motorcycle trailer?

All EDUARD multitransporters as standard are equipped with hooks on the chassis and the inside of the trailer. For one motorcycle, these are often sufficient. For several motorcycles, you can equip the non-slip multiplex floorplate with additional fastening points.

There are many distributors for motorcycle stands. Choose the motorcycle stand that suits your bike best. Ask an Eduard dealer for more information regarding the installation.

Accessories for Motorcycle trailers

Protect your motorcycle with a tarpaulin? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be personalized with our extensive program of accessories.

All the possibilities of a multi-transporter

In addition to a motorcycle trailer, our multifunctional trailers can also be used for other purposes. The flatbed trailer can be converted into a machine transporter, a car transporter and more. With the help of the practical ramps, you can easily drive small vehicles such as motorcycles, quads or mobility scooters onto the trailer. Eduard also offers various accessories with which you can transform your trailer into a motorcycle trailer or another type of transporter.

Would you like to add a tarpaulin to your motorcycle trailer to protect your motorcycle as much as possible? Buy an Eduard tarpaulin. You can select all accessories for personalizing your flatbed in the configurator.

Configure your own motor trailer

At Eduard, you have the opportunity to set up your motorcycle trailer according to your wishes. The motorcycle transporters are available in different sizes and can be equipped with various accessories, including a ladder rack, shock absorbers or an awning. For easier operation, you can also opt for an aluminum ramp instead of a steel ramp with a size of 310 x 160 cm.

Buy your own Eduard motorcycle trailer

With the help of the configurator you can easily personalize your motorcycle trailer. Choose the size, payload, additional accessories and more. This way you get a safe and easy to use motorcycle transporter to transport your motorcycle.

Do you want to learn more about Eduard motorcycle trailers? We would be happy to find the best solution for you. For personal advice, you can contact one of our renowned dealers in your region. Order your high-quality motorcycle transporter now at an affordable price.