Whether you're demolishing or building, placing scaffolding, installing a roof or building a road: it all starts with the right equipment in the right place. And the best way to transport it is with a suitable trailer.



Few sectors use as large a variety of trailers as the landscaping sector. A trailer is often purchased for each machine based on its weight, size and required ramp angle. Tree workers more often make use of tipper trailers, and plants and trees are generally transported with longer double or triple-axle trailers. Choose the trailer that suits your preferences.  



You own a small independent business, and you demand a lot from yourself and from your trailer. You select the model and type that fits your activities. Large or small, light or heavy: your preferences are the deciding factor. You need to transport audio equipment, or wall and floor tiles for stand construction, so you need a trailer that is easy to load, stable, and equipped with plenty of lashing points. But consider a profession as a balloonist, as well. They too need lots of different equipment and materials that need to be transported. 


Vehicle transport

You're a professional car mechanic that needs a trailer to transport cars. For deliveries, for example, or to perform repairs and resolve malfunctions. But we shouldn't forget those who like beautiful, exceptional cars and who own true classic cars or supercars. If you go on holiday with a caravan, it could be convenient to have an extra means of transportation with you. For groceries, a trip to the pool, to explore your surroundings. A small trailer to carry a small car could be the ideal solution. Eduard has the right trailer for you. 



The speed, the freedom, the wind rushing through your hair. Eduard has a trailer for every car and motorcycle enthusiast. For passionate rally and autocross drivers that spend their weekends on the sand or asphalt of racing tracks or on narrow country roads and robust industrial areas. We also have the right trailer for proud owners of classic cars who are keen to preserve their valuable possessions and transport them safely.


Private use

You're a doer, a maker. You're always working on some project. Overhauling your garden, helping friends with their move, or another trip to that lovely campsite in France, maybe? With the convenient 3D configurator, you can further personalise the trailer you selected.


Solutions for every sector

Eduard Trailers offers solutions for a variety of sectors. Find out how an Eduard trailer can help you. With an easy-to-use configurator that contains all models and accessories in 3D, you can select the trailer that suits you and your activities best. This includes the right weight, ramp system, loading floor and trailer type.

You will have to use the trailer in the end, so it it needs to meet all your requirements. Consult a dealer and make the right decision for your situation. That way, choosing a trailer becomes easy.