Car transporter

Are you looking for a quick and user-friendly way to transport cars and other vehicles? A car transporter trailer is the ideal solution. With a car transporter trailer, you are guaranteed a high-quality vehicle to transport your car. You can easily move the car onto the trailer and make sure it is secured safely during the ride.

On top of that, Eduard car transporter trailers can be personalised, so you'll get the exact flatbed trailer you're looking for. The car transporter trailers in our assortment come in lengths of up to 6.0 metres, with a gross load capacity ranging from 1000 kg to 3500 kg.


Dimensions and weight

Car transporter - single axle

Dimension\Weight 1000  1350  1500
310x160 x x x
310x180 x x x
330x180 x x x

Car transporter - double axle

Dimension\Weight 2000  2500  2700  3000  3500
310x160 x x x x  
310x180   x x x x
330x180   x x x x
356x180   x x x x
356x200   x x x x
406x180   x x x x
406x200   x x x x
406x220     x x x
456x200   x x x x
456x220       x x
506x200   x x x x
506x220       x x
556x200   x x x x
556x220       x x
606x200       x x
606x220       x x

Car transporter - triple axle

Dimension\Weight 3500
406x200 x
406x220 x
456x200 x
456x220 x
506x200 x
506x220 x
556x200 x
556x220 x
606x200 x
606x220 x


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Why choose an Eduard car transporter trailer?

Eduard car transporter trailers are highly versatile. For example, you could also use your flatbed trailer as a flatbed plant trailer, multi-purpose trailer, or a motorcycle trailer. You can use the various accessories to put together a specific flatbed trailer to solve your problem.

The chassis of our car transporter trailers are welded and galvanised to ensure the highest possible level of quality and safety. On top of that, there is space for the ramps below the loading floor, allowing you to keep those on hand at all times and store them during the trip.

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All advantages at a glance

  • 1 | Optional with EDUARD winch

  • 2 | Welded and galvanized chassis

  • 3 | Your choice - Railing or 10 cm aluminium board

  • 4 | Easy to maintain - Non-slip floor plate in one piece

  • 5 | Ramps stored in Chassis

  • 6 | Ramps with safety mechanism

  • 7 | Safe - Numerous fixation points in and on the chassis

What is a car transporter trailer?

A car transporter trailer is a flatbed trailer that can be used to transport cars or other vehicles. As opposed to a box truck, flatbed trailers offer the load capacity required to transport large vehicles. Because the wheels are below the loading floor, flatbed trailers offer a significant loading surface. Because of this, you can make use of the entire width of the car transporter trailer.

The tipping system is an extra option available for Eduard car transporter trailers. This makes moving vehicles on and off the trailer even easier. The chassis can be tipped to provide a ramp angle starting at 4.7 °, making the car transporter trailer suitable for cars with a very low wheelbase.

The car transporter trailer with tipping system even features an extendible support at the front, which reduces the strain on the hitch of the towing vehicle during the loading process. This improves the trailer's user friendliness and safety.

Accessories for car transporters

Do you need a winch or a tarpaulin? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be personalised to suit your preferences through our extensive range of accessories.

Put together your own car transporter trailer

You can use our configurator to put together the ideal car transporter trailer for your needs. Select the dimensions, load capacity and additional accessories to create a flatbed car transporter trailer that suits your preferences. That way, you can get on the road safely and enjoy optimal ease of use - at an affordable price.

The available accessories range from side boards and a ladder rack to shock absorbers or a motorcycle stand. In other words, with a car transporter trailer, the possibilities are endless.

Order your car transporter trailer at Eduard

Are you looking for a highly versatile car transporter trailer? With Eduard, you can put together your own flatbed trailer and get on the road safely. On top of that, you can rely on the highest possible quality and a product finished to the highest standard.

Visit one of our reputable dealers near you for information on the options for a car transporter trailer. That way, we can help you put together a trailer that meets all your wishes and requirements.