Choose your Eduard car transporter trailer

Go for an Eduard car transporter. Use the complete width for loading thanks to the wheels under the floor. The ramps can be hidden away under the loading floor. Car transporters are available in lengths up to 6.0 meters and with loading capacities between 1000 kg and 3500 kg.

Dimensions and weight

Car transporter - single axle

Dimension\Weight 1000  1350  1500
310x160 x x x
310x180 x x x
330x180 x x x

Car transporter - double axle

Dimension\Weight 2000  2500  2700  3000  3500
310x160 x x x x  
310x180   x x x x
330x180   x x x x
356x180   x x x x
356x200   x x x x
406x180   x x x x
406x200   x x x x
406x220     x x x
456x200   x x x x
456x220       x x
506x200   x x x x
506x220       x x
556x200   x x x x
556x220       x x
606x200       x x
606x220       x x

Car transporter - triple axle

Dimension\Weight 3500
406x200 x
406x220 x
456x200 x
456x220 x
506x200 x
506x220 x
556x200 x
556x220 x
606x200 x
606x220 x


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1350-3500 kg
1350-3500 kg
310x160 - 606x220 cm
310x160 - 606x220 cm
500+ Autotransporter
500+ Car transporter

Why choose an Eduard car transporter trailer?

Since 2001 we have manufactured a great variety of car transporters. These have undergone constant innovations over time and are in the top segment of the market. All car transporters come standard with ramps (246 cm long), long drawbars, anti slip ramps, a one piece floor plate and a foldable jockey wheel. Optionally can you choose for a hand winch and ramps made of aluminium instead of steel.

Secure your vehicles on the many fastening hooks or the welded railing. Car transporters are available in three different loading floor heights: 56, 63and 72 cm. The lower the chosen loading floor height the smaller the drive-on angle. Choose a tiltable trailer for even smaller drive-on angles.

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All advantages at a glance

  • 1 | Optional with EDUARD winch

  • 2 | Welded and galvanized chassis

  • 3 | Your choice - Railing or 10 cm aluminium board

  • 4 | Easy to maintain - Non-slip floor plate in one piece

  • 5 | Ramps stored in Chassis

  • 6 | Ramps with safety mechanism

  • 7 | Safe - Numerous fixation points in and on the chassis

Car transporter with tilting system

Optionally, the car transporter is also available with a tilting system. Due to the tilting chassis the trailer has a particularly small access angles. Depending on the length and bed height of the trailer this angle is just between 4.7 ° and 9 ° degrees. This makes this car transporter also suitable for cars with a very low wheelbase. The supports in the front of the trailer ensure that the weight is supported on the ground and that the trailer hitch is not heavily loaded while loading. This innovation significantly relieves your towing vehicle compared to other tilting systems.

What is a car transporter trailer?

The car transporter is a flatbed trailer for transporting cars. They are fitted with a 10 cm high welded railing or 10 cm high aluminium sideboards. The car carrier is also called a car trailer or vehicle trailer.

Car transporter accessories

Do you need a winch or tarpaulin for your car transporter trailer? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be adapted to your needs with our wide range of accessories.