Flat-bed trailer

Choose your Eduard flatbed trailer

We build our flatbed trailers for you. Exactly as you need them. Eduard flatbed trailers are available as single-, tandem- or triple-axle, braked or unbraked, in 20 different dimensions up to 6 meters in length. Choose between different loading capacities from 750 kg to 3500 kg and three different heights.

Dimensions and weight

Flatbed single axle

Dimension 750   1000  1350  1500
200x145 x x x x
230x145 x x x x
250x145 x x x x
256x150 x x x x
310x160 x x x x
310x180   x x x
330x180   x x x

Flatbed double axle

Dimension 750   2000  2500  2700  3000  3500
250x145 x x x      
256x150 x x x x    
310x160 x x x x x  
310x180   x x x x x
330x180   x x x x x
356x180   x x x x x
356x200   x x x x x
406x180   x x x x x
406x200   x x x x x
406x220     x x x x
456x200   x x x x x
456x220       x x x
506x200   x x x x x
506x220       x x x
556x200   x x x x x
556x220       x x x
606x200       x x x
606x220       x x x

Flatbed triple axle

Dimension 3500
406x200 x
406x220 x
456x200 x
456x220 x
506x200 x
506x220 x
556x200 x
556x220 x
606x200 x
606x220 x


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750-3500 kg
750-3500 kg
200x145 - 606x220 cm
200x145 - 606x220 cm
1600+ Plateauwagens
1600+ Flatbeds

Why an Eduard Flatbed?

However you configurate your Eduard flatbed trailer; some traits are the same for alle varients.The chassis is galvanized and the side walls are made from anodized aluminum, making your trailer durable. Secure your load at the numerous attachment points on the chassis or in the loading floor. The single piece anti-slip floorplate adds to the protection. Fold down all the sideboards to charge your trailer faster. This is particularly useful if you load your trailer with a forklift. This way you can easily use the entire width as loading space. Making loading and securing a breeze.

plateau voordelen render

All advantages at a glance 

  • 1 | Stable - V-drawbar
  • 2 | Galvanized chassis with many securing points
  • 3 | Practical - foldable and removable side walls
  • 4 | Easy to maintain - one-piece floorplate
  • 5 | Robust - A-brand braking system and axles
  • 6 | Clearly visible - reflecting tape with ECE quality mark

What is a flatbedtrailer?

A flatbed trailer is a trailer with wheels under the loading floor, not next to it like a box trailer. This difference makes the flatbed trailer more versatile than a box model. Navigate more quickly through narrow streets with the same loading area. Or load more with equal track width. Handy.

Accessories for flatbed trailers

Do you need mesh sides, a ladder rack or a tarpaulin? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be further tailored to your needs with our extensive range of accessories.