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Are you looking for a safe, user-friendly trailer? Eduard offers a wide range of trailers of different models. This means we offer the right solution for your problem. Read all about the various trailer types here and make your choice.

Flatbed trailers

flatbed trailer is a trailer that has its wheels below the loading floor, rather than next to them, as is the case for box trucks. Because of this, flatbed trailers are very versatile and manoeuvrable. In addition, flatbed trailers are higher than box trucks, and suitable for more purposes. The flatbed trailers in our range vary from unbraked single-axle trailers to braked triple-axle trailers. With this trailer type, the possibilities are endless.

Multi-purpose trailers

Multi-purpose trailers can be used like normal trailers, but they are also suitable for use as car or machine transporters. Thanks to the ramps, you can easily move various vehicles and machines onto the trailer. Our multi-purpose trailers feature storage drawers below the loading floor, so you can always bring the ramps. The multi-purpose trailers in our range come in various dimensions with lengths up to 6 metres and a gross load capacity ranging from 750 kg to 3500 kg.

Tipper trailers

Tipper trailers are trailers featuring a tipping loading floor. This is ideal if you need to transport loose cargo, like sand or gravel. Eduard tipper trailers are available with either a manual pump or an electrically operated hydraulic pump to offer extra ease of use. In addition, you can select a loading floor that can tip backwards or in up to three directions. Put together your own tipper trailer.

Car transporter trailers

Eduard trailers are highly suitable for use as car transporter trailers. Because the wheels of the trailer are situated below the loading floor, you can use the full width of the loading floor when transporting a car. These trailers also feature ramps that can be stored below the loading floor. The car transporter trailers in our range come in lengths up to 6 metres, with a gross load capacity ranging from 1000 kg to 3500 kg.

Flatbed plant trailers

Flatbed plant trailers are trailers that can be used to transport machines and other vehicles using a tiltable ramp and tipping system. The tiltable ramp spans the entire width of the trailer, making loading and unloading machines and vehicles very easy. Like our other trailers, these trailers can be fully adjusted to suit your preferences.

Motorcycle trailer

The trailers in our range can also be turned into motorcycle trailers. A trailer can easily be turned into a motorcycle trailer by installing a safe motorcycle stand. These trailers feature ramps and can even easily be turned into normal flatbed trailers by removing the motorcycle stand. Extremely versatile!

Order your trailer at Eduard

All Eduard trailers can be personalised to suit your preferences. That way, you can easily order a trailer suitable for any purpose. With our configurator, you can easily put together your ideal trailer. These trailers are extremely convenient and are available at affordable prices.

Want to know more about the trailers by Eduard? Go to a reputable dealer near you and receive all the information you need. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you find the ideal solution for you.



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