Eduard. Smart, simple and reliable

More than 100 people work at Eduard's Trailer Factory in Lommel (BE), 40 kilometers below Eindhoven. In the production area of ​​18,000 m2 and on the enormous outdoor area, they are busy every day with the meticulous assembly of the right parts for flatbed trailers, multi-transporters, car transporters and tipper trailers. At the office, another 15 employees are working hard to provide every customer with fast and good service.



Standing still is regression

Eduard is constantly looking for the needs of end users; especially builders, horticulturists, gardeners, green workers, car transporters and motorsporters. We meet their wishes with large and small innovations. We are often even ahead of those wishes. Because standing still is going backwards. 



Smart choice

Making good trailers; many can do that. Our strength lies in the combination with which we have taken care of our customers for 20 years: an enormously wide range, top materials, a favourable price and good service. With more than 10.000 possible variations, we go a long way in delivering tailor-made trailers. Dealers appreciate that with our program they can serve every customer, can honour every request. That makes Eduard a smart choice.