Multi purpose trailer

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Multi-transporters by EDUARD Trailers are the ideal all-rounders. They are suitable for use as a “regular” flat-bed trailer but have ramps which also makes them suitable for transporting cars or machines. Our multi-transporters are available in various dimensions, with lengths up to 6.0 metres and different loading capacities from 750 kg to 3500 kg.

Dimensions and weight

Multi purpose trailer - single axle

Afmeting\Gewicht  750   1000  1350  1500
256x150 x x x x
310x160 x x x x
310x180   x x x
330x180   x x x

Multi purpose trailer - double axle

Afmeting\Gewicht  750   2000  2500  2700  3000  3500
256x150 x x x x    
310x160 x x x x x  
310x180   x x x x x
330x180   x x x x x
356x180   x x x x x
356x200   x x x x x
406x180   x x x x x
406x200   x x x x x
406x220     x x x x
456x200   x x x x x
456x220       x x x
506x200   x x x x x
506x220       x x x
556x200   x x x x x
556x220       x x x
606x200       x x x
606x220       x x x

Multi purpose trailer - triple axle

Afmeting\Gewicht  3500
406x200 x
406x220 x
456x200 x
456x220 x
506x200 x
506x220 x
556x200 x
556x220 x
606x200 x
606x220 x


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750-3500 kg
750-3500 kg
256x150 - 606x220 cm
256x150 - 606x220 cm
1800+ Multitransporters
1800+ Multi purpose

Why choose an Eduard multi purpose trailer?

However you put together your Eduard multi purpose trailer; some traits are the same for all models.The chassis is galvanized and the side walls are made from anodized aluminum, making your trailer durable. Secure your load at the numerous attachment points on the chassis or in the loading floor. Fold down or remove all sideboards to charge your trailer faster. This way you can easily use the entire width as loading space. Opt for a high-quality, strong multi-trailer that meets the strict requirements of professionals. With the optional hand winch, you can also transport machines without their own drive.

Alles op een rij multitransporter

All advantages at a glance

  • 1 | Welded and gelvanized chassis
  • 2 | Easy to maintain - Non-slip floor plate in one piece
  • 3 | Practical - foldable and removable side walls
  • 4 | Safe - Numerous fixation points in and on the chassis
  • 5 | Ramps with safety mechanism
  • 6 | Optional with EDUARD winch

What is a multi purpose trailer?

A multi purpose trailer is a flat-bed trailer with ramps for transporting vehicles and machines using ramps. The ramps can be stored beneath the loading floor. Use a Multi-transporters for the transport of vehicles such as cars, quads or motorbicicles.

Accessories for multi purpose trailers

In need of a winch, a ladder rack or a high cove? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be further tailored to your needs with our extensive range of accessories.