Multi-purpose trailer

The name says it all; multi-purpose trailers are suitable for any type of transport. With an Eduard multi-purpose trailer, the possibilities are endless, and you can be sure you'll enjoy the highest possible level of quality and safety. That way, you can get on the road with peace of mind.

Multi-purpose trailers are based on flatbed trailers. This trailer type features wheels below the loading floor, resulting in a larger load capacity and greater manoeuvrability. On top of that, flatbed trailers allow you to use the full width of the loading floor. This base can be expanded with various specifications, such as ramps, side boards, or even a tilting system. That way, you can customise the ideal multi-purpose trailer for your job.

A versatile multi-purpose trailer

Depending on the type of transport you want to use it for, you can choose from a range of multi-purpose trailers of various types and in various dimensions. The load capacity of an Eduard multi-purpose trailer ranges from 750 to 3500 kilograms, and the trailers come in lengths of up to 6 metres. The other specifications and accessories can all be added based on your preferences to turn your flatbed trailer into a unique multi-purpose trailer.

Multi purpose trailer - single axle

Dimensions\Weight  750   1000  1350  1500
256x150 x x x x
310x160 x x x x
310x180   x x x
330x180   x x x

Multi purpose trailer - double axle

Dimensions\Weight  750   2000  2500  2700  3000  3500
256x150 x x x x    
310x160 x x x x x  
310x180   x x x x x
330x180   x x x x x
356x180   x x x x x
356x200   x x x x x
406x180   x x x x x
406x200   x x x x x
406x220     x x x x
456x200   x x x x x
456x220       x x x
506x200   x x x x x
506x220       x x x
556x200   x x x x x
556x220       x x x
606x200       x x x
606x220       x x x

Multi purpose trailer - triple axle

Dimensions\Weight  3500
406x200 x
406x220 x
456x200 x
456x220 x
506x200 x
506x220 x
556x200 x
556x220 x
606x200 x
606x220 x


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All advantages at a glance

  • 1 | Welded and gelvanized chassis
  • 2 | Easy to maintain - Non-slip floor plate in one piece
  • 3 | Practical - foldable and removable side walls
  • 4 | Safe - Numerous fixation points in and on the chassis
  • 5 | Ramps with safety mechanism
  • 6 | Optional with EDUARD winch

Why go for an Eduard multi-purpose trailer?

No matter how you put together your Eduard multi-purpose trailer, all types share a few important features. The chassis is galvanised and the boards are made of anodised aluminium. You can secure your load using the many lashing points. Go for a high-quality, sturdy multi-purpose trailer that meets the strict demands of the professional user. Using the optional manual winch, you can even transport machines that are not self propelled.

What is a multi-purpose trailer?

A multi-purpose trailer is a flatbed trailer that can be used to transport loose cargo, vehicles, machines and more. Depending on the dimensions, load capacity and accessories, multi-purpose trailers are suitable for various purposes. This means a multi-purpose trailer can also be used as a flatbed plant trailer or car transporter trailer.

The versatility of the multi-purpose trailer makes this type of flatbed trailer very popular for both professional and private use. The trailer meets the highest safety standards. The galvanised chassis offers sturdiness and bearing strength.

All Eduard multi-purpose trailers feature brackets in the loading floor and lashing points on the chassis. The aluminium side boards are easy to use and offer extra security during transport. In addition, the loading floor is made out of a single board, and the ramps can easily be stored below the loading floor.

Accessories for multi-purpose trailers

Do you need a winch, a ladder rack or a tarpaulin? No problem. All Eduard trailers can be personalised to suit your preferences through our extensive range of accessories.

Put together your own multi-purpose trailer

What are you planning to use the multi-purpose trailer for? When it comes to vehicle or machine transport, we recommend selecting a multi-purpose trailer with a tilting system. This makes loading machines very straightforward, and it even allows you to move cars with a low wheelbase onto the trailer.  When it comes to transporting loose cargo like gravel or sand, a tipping trailer is the way to go. Moreover, you could choose to add a separate motorcycle stand to your flatbed trailer, so your multi-purpose trailer could even serve as a motorcycle trailer.

The various accessories for our multi-purpose trailers range from side boards and mesh sides to tarpaulins and shock absorbers. Various options are available, so you will always find the ideal solution for you.

Order your multi-purpose trailer at Eduard

Are you running into trouble, or do you have questions about our multi-purpose trailers? Our dealers are happy to help you. Let them know what requirements the multi-purpose trailer should meet, and they will put together a fitting solution. They are ready to answer your questions and to help you put together the right multi-purpose trailer for you.

Would you prefer to be in charge? Use the configurator to put together your own multi-purpose trailer.