An 8-meter flatbed trailer handles the most extensive tasks

At Eduards Trailer Factory, we know better than anyone that certain tasks require a very specific, customized transport solution. From the construction and agricultural sectors to industries such as events and automotive. In every sector, there are tasks that are difficult to accomplish without the right equipment. That is why Eduards Trailer Factory developed the 8-meter flatbed trailer. A reliable trailer that stands out with its length, multifunctionality, and strength. So that even our customers with the grandest visions can enjoy tailored transport solutions.

8m plateauwagen

Thanks to our extensive customer base, we gained insight into an until then unanswered demand for a transport solution for specific applications where size and capacity are important. This led to in-depth market research that resulted in the creation of our newest 8-meter flatbed trailer. A trailer that meets the needs of, among others, construction professionals who need to move large quantities of building materials such as wood, steel, or prefab concrete and stage technicians who need to safely transport long scaffolding structures.

Specifications of the 8-meter flatbed trailer:

  • Dimensions: 806 x 220 cm, 806 x 240 cm, 856 x 220 cm, and 856 x 240 cm
  • Total weight: 3500 kg
  • Loading system: Ramps or ramps and winch
  • Braked: Yes
  • Axles: 2 or 3

In-house production ensures competitive pricing and quality

Our 8-meter flatbed trailers are produced in our state-of-the-art factory, allowing us to maintain full control over the development process. From sketch to finished product. Think of engineers who take strength, durability, and ease of use into account with each delivery, advanced production techniques, and years of collaboration with reliable partners such as Knott, AL-KO, and Kokisken.

Thanks to this short supply chain, Eduard stands for quality coupled with the most competitive prices in the market. Thus, we always ensure that all our customers can rely on a trailer that meets their needs, large or small.

+10 000 variations

At Eduard, we strive to produce trailers that are not only functional and reliable, but also meet the specific demands of our customers. The creation of the new 8-meter flatbed trailer is another fine example of the continuous growth driven by our network.

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