Tiltable double axle car transporter

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for the transport of your car? Then choose a tiltable car transporter. The particularly high ease of use and the exceptional reliability of this type of car transporter makes the tiltable double axle a popular choice.

Dimensions and weight

Our tiltable double axle car transporters are available in different sizes and load capacities. Depending on the type of car you want to transport, you can choose from various dimensions from 406 x 200 cm to 606 x 220 cm and load capacities from 2000 kg to 3500 kg. So you can always count on a reliable solution for the transport of your car.

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Ramp angle tiltable car transporter

The advantage of a tilting car transporter with ramps is that this trailer is suitable for almost every type of car. The unique tilt system provides a small ramp angle of 4.7° to 9°, preventing damage to cars with low suspension. With the hand pump you simply activate the tilting system and you can quickly and easily drive your car on the car transporter. View the technical drawing of this 506 cm long car transporter with an ramp angle of 5.6°.


Advantages of an Eduard Car Transporter

However you put together your tiltable Eduard car transporter, all variants have a few important features in common. The loading floor is made of a single-piece plywood floor plate with an anti-slip layer. We also provide every car transporter with sufficient fastening hooks to optimally secure your load. On top of that, there is space for the ramps below the loading floor, allowing you to keep those on hand at all times and store them during the trip.

Tiltable car transporter with tarpaulin

Do you want extra protection for your load? Then choose to add a tarpaulin to your car transporter. With this, your car is also fully protected against wind and weather during the journey. Did you know that our curtainside awnings are available in different heights and colours?

Discover this car transporter with tarpaulin
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