You're a professional car mechanic that needs a trailer to transport cars. For deliveries, for example, or to perform repairs and resolve malfunctions. But we shouldn't forget those who like beautiful, exceptional cars and who own true classic cars or supercars. If you go on holiday with a caravan, it could be convenient to have an extra means of transportation with you. For groceries, a trip to the pool, to explore your surroundings. A small trailer to carry a small car could be the ideal solution. Eduard has the right trailer for you. 

What do you need?

Preferably a wide trailer, with ramps, so you can easily drive your car onto the trailer. Plenty of lashing points to secure the car. A cover could be useful too, for when you need to transport your valuable load to an event or customer. Eduard offers extra convenience with our tilting transporters. These have a tilting chassis, reducing the slope at the back. This is very convenient for cars with lower wheel suspension.

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