Trailers for gardeners

Few sectors use as large a variety of trailers as the landscaping sector. A trailer is often purchased for each machine based on its weight, size and required ramp angle. Tree workers more often make use of tipper trailers. and plants and trees are generally transported with longer double or triple-axle trailers. Choose the trailer that suits your preferences.  

What do you need?

That entirely depends on the situation you need a trailer for. For example, you might need to transport a small excavator or lawnmower for the construction and maintenance of parks and public spaces. Our tipper trailers are very popular with garden contractors and tree workers. If you work in landscaping, a trailer with mesh sides or extra panels might be more useful. Some tasks require longer trailers. In this case, you should go for a double or triple-axle trailer. Our trailers are used by large companies as well as self-employed people.

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