Three-way tipper twinaxle braked

Are you looking for a trailer that really gives you every opportunity to get your job done? Then choose a three-sided tipper trailer double axle braked. This type of tipper trailer has a loading floor that can tilt to as many as three sides. This allows you to easily unload your load anywhere. Even in hard-to-reach places or locations with little room to maneuver.

A three-sided tipper trailer for all your jobs

Tipper trailers are ideally suited for transporting loose cargo. For example sand, gravel or garden waste. You unload your load effortlessly by tilting the loading floor to the side of your choice. This way you are not dependent on driving directions and you never have to turn the trailer at impossible angles to reach the correct position for unloading.

Thanks to the electrically controlled hydraulic pump, you can tip the loading floor quickly. Up to a load of as much as 3,500 kg, this is done in no time. Thanks to the steel floor plate, loose load can slide well which only facilitates unloading.

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Choose the right size

Our three-sided tipper trailers double axle braked are available in two different sizes. The smallest version measures 310 x 160 cm and the larger variant measures 330 x 180 cm. Depending on the nature of the jobs you will be doing, choose a size that fits. If in doubt, you can always get advice from an Eduard dealer in your area.

With an Eduard three-sided tipper trailer, you can count on the best quality and high-quality finish. We ensure that you can confidently hit the road and perform your job optimally.

Accessories for three-sided tipper trailers

At Eduard Trailers, we also offer various accessories that you can use in combination with a three-sided tipper trailer. For example, you can choose steel or aluminum ramps. This allows you to easily drive a wheelbarrow on your trailer or transport machinery. For gardeners, we always recommend a set of haulm racks. This way you increase the loading volume of your tipper trailer. Discover all possible accessories for a three-sided tipper trailer.


Dimension/kg 2000 2500 2700 3000 3500

Advantages of Eduard

Chassis trailer


Fully welded en hot-dipped galvanised chassis that can handle any job.



Choose from manual, electric or wireless controls.

Loofrekken 3OB

Low maintenance

From 1350 kg standard with a steel floor plate.



Extra reinforcement at the lower chassis for optimal tipping of your cargo.



Exclusive use of A-brand braking systems and axles. (KNOTT & AL-KO)

tape trailers


Highly visible reflective tape with ECE104 quality mark