Double-axled braked rearward tipper 

A double-axle braked rearward tipper is a flatbed trailer that offers the added option of tipping the loading floor. The loading floor can only be tipped in a rearward direction. This is ideal for the transport of loose cargo, such as sand or gravel. In addition to the various sizes, the EDUARD tippers are available with a hand pump or an electrically-powered hydraulic pump. 

No matter how you put together your Eduard braked rearward tipper, all hundreds of varieties share a few important features. The flat loading floor is made of a single multiplex floorboard with an anti-slip layer. We provide each trailer with brackets, so you can ensure your load is properly secured. 

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750 kg - 3500 kg
From 750kg up to 3500kg
256x160 - 310x180 cm
256x160 - 310x180 cm
440+ Modellen
440+ Modellen

Accessories for braked double-axled tipper trailers