Flatbed - single axle unbraked

Why choose an unbraked single-axle trailer? Unbraked single-axle vehicles are particularly suited for smaller transports. An unbraked trailer with only one axle has a lower own weight than a braked single-axle or (unbraked) double-axle trailer of the same size. As a result, one can transport more. Single-axle trailers are easy to use. Smaller turning forces make it easier to turn and move the trailer in all directions.

No matter how you put together your Eduard single-axle unbraked flatbed trailer, all variants have some important things in common: a flat loading area made of a single multiplex floor plate with an anti-slip layer, numerous attachment points and foldable and removable side walls.

We produce lightweight and classic Eduard single-axle trailers: 

Size Sendzimir galvanized Screwed Hot-dip galvanized Welded
200x145 x x    
230x145 x x    
250x145 x x    
256x150     x x
310x160     x x

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750 kg
750 kg
200x145 - 311x160cm
200x145 - 311x160cm
70+ Models
70+ Models

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