Unbraked double axle flatbed trailer

A double-axle unbraked flatbed trailer is a trailer with wheels below the loading floor, rather than beside it, like on a box truck. Thanks to this difference, unbraked double-axle flatbed trailers are far more versatile than box trucks. You can navigate narrow streets with ease, and you can load more volume for the same track width. How convenient! 

No matter how you put together your Eduard flatbed trailer, all varieties share a few important features. The flat loading floor is made of a single multiplex floorboard with an anti-slip layer. Secure your load using the lashing points we add to every trailer. 

Overview lightweight and classic Eduard trailers: 

Size Sendzimir galvanized Screwed Hot-dip galvanized Welded
250x145 x x    
256x150     x x
310x160     x x

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750 kg
750 kg
250x140 - 311x160 cm
250x140 - 311x160 cm
120+ Modellen
120+ Modellen

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